Student Happenings

Parent Involvement for Competitive Dancers

As with most aspects of parenting, being a dance mom or dad requires a delicate balance of involvement and freedom as your child navigates the competitive dance world. Do’s 1) Communicate with your child as they attend classes each week. Make sure they know you care about their passion. Ask what their goals are, as …

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How the Benefits of Dance Can Be Far-Reaching and Lifelong

The history of dance is rich with intriguing events and changes. Throughout the ages, dance has served as a crucial method for expressing human thought and feeling. Some of the earliest known humans used dance as a means for communication, stress relief, personal expression, and more. As society has progressed through the centuries, dance has …

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Nationals Recap 2016

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Student Happenings 2015-2016

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Congratulations to Kendal Armstrong who received a MVP runner up scholarship and Ruth Walters who received a season finale scholarship for the junior room at Velocity dance convention. Congratulations to Ralph Walters for first runner up MVP for the boys in the mini room at velocity!!! Congratulations to one of our alumni! Christy McAuliffe who …

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