• Karen’s School of Dance is the place to be for dance education! We have two daughters who have enjoyed dancing at Karen’s over the past 10 years: one who prefers the recreational level and one who enjoys the competitive program. We have watched them work with the staff in their toddler years exercising their growing muscles, learning listening and social skills, and making new friends; and then as elementary and middle school students, gaining posture and poise and learning what it means to work with others on a team. And though we haven’t reached that point yet, we have also had the pleasure of watching many high school students as they build friendships and memories which will last them a lifetime. Through it all the staff at Karen’s has remained focused, attentive and exceptionally qualified.  The credentials of the staff members at Karen’s School of Dance will bring you in the door, and their passion for and encouragement of their students will make you want to stay!

    Mike & Kathy Spray
  • Just wanted to share some of the reasons why we Love KSD. When my daughter was little she use to dance all over the house. Everyone would say “you should really think about putting her in a dance class.” At the age of two we had several people suggest dance studios. Almost everyone said if you want a fantastic studio go to Karens. As a parent you only want what is best for your child. I went and visited a handful of studios. I never got the feeling at the other studios that I did that first day at KSD. The staff was helpful and the parents were friendly and I got an overall warm welcome.We are going on our 7th year at KSD and it is like a second home to my daughter. Karens has a dance class for everyone from recreational classes to an award winning company. If you want a owner and teachers who can provide postive correction , genuinely care and love your child Karens School of Dance hands down is the Best. Thank you Karen & Staff.

    The Brills
  • If you are looking for a place that offers a WIDE variety of options from more advanced company classes to competitive classes to recreational classes Karens School of Dance has you covered. My daughter has been dancing at Karens since she was 4 years old and is now 10 and to this day genuinely and whole heartedly LOVES the days she has dance. I can honestly say my daughter has gained SO much with her involvement in dance, from her confidence inside and outside of the studio to her knowledge and technique in dance. > > From the teaching staff, to the front desk staff to Karen herself the love, pride, excitement and encouragement they have for all of the students is heartwarming. The studio is not only a home away from home for my daughter, but for me as well. The bonds and friendships the students and parents all share are hands down one of the best parts of being a part of the KSD Family. Thank you KSD for always Dreaming, Believing and Achieving!!!!!!!!

    Stacy Barney
  • I’m writing this today to give some perspective on why I’m a proud parent at Karen’s School of Dance! I have three daughters that are involved in many types of dance classes as well as different levels. As a parent, we have to make decisions on what types of activities to get our children involved in and what type of culture we want to see. I have spent the last 4 years at Karen’s with my daughters, built relationships with all of the teachers and staff, made many friends with other parents, and most importantly watched my girls learn the technique of something they love. This studio has become our home and if it wasn’t for choosing Karen’s School of Dance my children wouldn’t have the additional family that we have formed. If you find yourself looking for a dance studio to enroll your child in there are many things to consider, obviously technique being important, which Karen’s classes offer at all levels. But for me it was more than that, it was also important to find a culture that was good for my girls. This studio’s culture is so special to be a part of and I’m honored that my children and myself get to say that we are part of this team! So with that being said if you are looking to enroll in dance classes then Karen’s School of Dance is a decision you won’t regret!

    Shannon Connolly
  • KSD-My Daughter has been dancing at KSD for 9 years.  I cannot imagine a better place for a young lady to develop herself in so many ways.  The dancing, camaraderie, and friendship will last a lifetime.  Karen and her staff provide a fantastic environment for all the kids to grow and thrive.  I have a unique perspective as a single father, or Dance Dad. I have met and count of so many fantastic friends who have always been willing to help us out when needed.  To certainly include Karen and her staff as well as fellow dance parents.   Most of us consider the entire group (Dancers, Families, and staff) as extended family.  The time, care, and professionalism that the staff puts into the kids certainly shows.  I have no doubt that my Daughter dancing at KSD was and is the right decision for her.  I am very thankful to Karen and her incredible staff for taking such good care of my child, she simply loves all of it.  It’s much more than just dance, but the dance is incredible!  Thanks KSD!  Dream, Believe, Achieve.

    Scott Temple