Competition classes consist of dancers who are ready to compete, but do not wish to make as much of a commitment as dancers in Company, Crossover, or Pre-Company. Dancers wishing to join Competition classes must either be recommended by KSD staff and/or approved by Karen. Dancers may take multiple competition classes in different styles (i.e., lyrical and tap, or any combination of styles). Dancers who are new to Competition have the option after their first year to continue taking competition classes, or to audition for Company, Crossover, or Pre-Company. We offer Competition classes for all ages and ability levels, so that dancers may continuously choose this program once they have started. Classes meet once a week and compete in 2-3 regional competitions. Attending nationals is optional, and families are given the opportunity to vote if they would like to attend. If enough of the class votes “yes” for nationals (the proper amount of students for each class is at the teacher’s discretion), then the class may attend.

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