Sending Your Young Child to Ballet

Many parents wonder what possible benefits could result from sending their 3 year old to a ballet class. They wonder, “How much could she possibly learn at this age?” Actually, besides learning the basics of technique, dancers learn much more than that; young dancers learn discipline, social etiquette, and basic coordination, to name just a few.

The discipline that it takes to apply and follow specific instructions is a relatively new skill for a toddler. When in ballet class for children this young, there is usually time for creative movement and play, but not until after disciplined activities have been completed. This teaches children that learning sometimes comes before play time, and that they must listen to their instructor in order to get to run around. This alone is extremely beneficial as young children enter pre-school and day care programs along with other children.

All group dance classes encourage proper social etiquette including taking turns, waiting in line, holding hands, and stretching as a group. As simple as these things seem, if your child hasn’t attended school yet, these lessons can be really helpful in terms of learning good listening habits. Children will also make friends and find joy in sharing fun moments with these new friends.

While your dancer may not execute their ballet technique perfectly, the point is that they are learning! Many children who take ballet class at a young age continue to take class in subsequent years and the younger anyone starts an activity the easier it is to acquire new skills quickly. Learning ballet at a young age allows young children to develop skills related to balance, coordination, and musicality.
Enroll your child today in an educational and fun ballet class!