Birthday Parties





Karen’s School of Dance now offers a fun gift you can give to your child on their special day – A BIRTHDAY PARTY. We have created exciting themed party ideas for children to have in our spacious, funfilled studio. We will take care of everything from the set­up, to hosting, providing food, and the clean­up. All you need to do is bring the cake!

 Each party will include an enjoyable 45­minute dance class for everyone invited, as well as a mini­performance by the party guests for parents at the end as icing on the cake. Several different themes are available and each theme is carefully thought out for the maximum party experience! Check out all the different party options! The only difficult part in throwing your child’s party will be picking which one to choose!


Perhaps the most lavish of all gifts for most children is a trip to Disney World or Disneyland. While it may seem a bit over the top for the average birthday party, we have incorporated the Disney experience of music, backdrops and costumes for your child’s special day!

Party package includes:

* Grand Entrance of the Disney Princesses * Games & Prizes ­ All Disney themed * Balloons * Dancing * Face Painting* Pizza * 10 child minimum



Make way for the princess! This royaltyinspired celebration honors your one-of-akind Princess with fairytale games and activities for all the royal guests to enjoy. Create unforgettable memories as your daughter and her friends meet a real princess during their party! Party dresses are encouraged to wear to the ball.

Party package includes:

* Royal tiara for all the guests to wear * Adorable sugar cookies to decorate and eat * Royal craft to assemble and take home * Cute printables to color and keep * A 45-Minute dance class at the Royal Ball * Picture keepsake for each party guest * Candy buffet available for additional fee * 10 child minimum



Let your child lead the band of friendly pirates in their quest for new islands and unending adventures! You’ll find seaworthy pirate party games and birthday activities that will ensure your swashbucklers have hours of fun and keep you from wanting to walk the plank!  

Party package includes:

* Pizza  * Party Pirate Hats  * Hip hop pirate parade: A 45-minute dance class performance at the end * Fun Party favors * 10 child minimum



Karen’s “Super Duper” Birthday Bash is the perfect choice for your child’s best party ever. Fun, food, and games all throughout! Best for groups of at least 12 children. You get 2 large one topping pizzas, 12 juice boxes and a party favor for each of the guests.

Party package includes:

* Cool Cupcakes to take home * Colorful decorations * Face Painting * Balloons * A 45-minute dance class based on a circus theme * Fun party favor for each guest * Pizza * 12 child minimum



This is the our most basic party package, but is still guaranteed to be the talk of the town! Every child will want to be the birthday gal or guy! 

Party Package includes:

* Pizza  * Pop * Sugar cookies to decorate * Face painting *Craft  *A 45-minute dance class  *Balloons  * 10 child minimum


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